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  • Large Numbers



    The promises and perils of AI are enmeshed with ideas and processes of number crunching and the massage of huge amounts of data and large numbers. What is the role of large numbers in today’s tech-enmeshed society?What does it mean when numbers extend beyond the horizons of imagination? Is it even possible to locate that…

  • Fields of Unknowing

    On April 28th 2024 I performed Fields of Unknowing as part of the festival INTONAL2024. During the performance I evoked strange sounds and stories in The Black Room of Inter Arts Center in Malmö. Here is a video of the performance:

  • Walled Gardens



    [This is an edited version of a post I wrote 2020 as part of what I called The Mundania Files. Some of this has also been reworked into the Mundania-book, and extended to discuss such things as transparency and what I call brandverses.] Within digital economies around 2020, major companies, such as Amazon Google, Apple,…

  • In-between

    When technologies seem to vanish, where do they go? Do they hide in-between? This is the proposal in one of the chapters of the Mundania-book. It starts like this: When media and technologies withdraw, they can seem to vanish into thin air. They become ambient, part of the atmosphere. Ethereal. A kind of technology-induced effortless…

  • Vanishing Points

    Points of interaction and engagement with technologies could as well be vanishing points. Where technologies and systems recede from attention. This is the theme of the chapter Vanishing Points in the Mundania-book. It starts like this: Devices, gadgets and everyday things might be the most obvious tangible entities of Mundania. Present technology. Perceivable and touchable.…

  • Arrival

    The first chapter of the book Mundania – How and Where Technologies Are Made Ordinary is Arrival. This is how it starts: What if everyday life was approached as a life in Mundania? A realm where more and more complex and incomprehensible technologies become part of the atmosphere. Layer after layer of these technologies is…

  • Mundania – How and Where Technologies are Made Ordinary



    Since January 2024 the book Mundania – How and Where Technologies are Made Ordinary by Robert Willim is available through Bristol University Press. This is how it is described: Digital services, platforms and arrangements are often promoted as smooth and convenient, smart or intelligent. When introduced, devices can appear utterly fascinating or awkward, even disquieting. Eventually, however,…