The Book

Since January 2024 the book Mundania – How and Where Technologies are Made Ordinary by Robert Willim is available through Bristol University Press. This is how it is described:

Digital services, platforms and arrangements are often promoted as smooth and convenient, smart or intelligent. When introduced, devices can appear utterly fascinating or awkward, even disquieting. Eventually, however, they soon disappear in the muddle of everyday life. This is how Mundania takes form.

Based on original research, this book uses the concept of Mundania to better understand technological change. Scholar-artist Robert Willim deftly unpacks the interplay between everyday life and the immense complexity of technological infrastructures.

Offering imaginative new insights into our relationship with technology, this book will appeal to readers in a range of fields from science and technology and media studies to the arts.

The chapters in the book are:

Vanishing Points

This is how Rachel Plotnick, describe the Mundania-book:

A poetic and speculative imagining of how technologies in everyday life become profoundly ordinary and yet maddeningly out of grasp.

Rachel Plotnick, Indiana University Bloomington